Fiction Commission Prices

To place an order or for any enquiries please contact me via email


£18 GBP / $24 USD

2,000 Words Length

This tier is ideal for single scenes with descriptive language or creating a ‘flavour’ script. For obvious reasons it also has the quickest rate of completion.


£45 GBP / $58 USD

5,000 Words Length

This tier is suitable for short stories of moderate complexity. It will often involve up to three fleshed out scenes, not counting a coda. By building a multi-staged narrative, often developing more characters and going back and forth with the commissioner, this requires far more effort than the previous tier.


£90 GBP / $117 USD

10,000 Words Length

This tier is for those who wish to have more than two main characters or just a more lengthy and complicated story overall. This length approaches the demarcation between short story and novella, as such it requires the most effort from conception to final draft.

Other lengths or variations thereof are open for negotiation. Feel free to contact me at

Freelance Rate

The exact price for a more dynamic product or service, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, is calculated at a rate of £8/hour. This may include time spend doing research depending on the nature of the assignment.

Commission FAQ

Q: How long will my commission take?

A: I have recently changed my work method. I will select a day, or a couple of days, where I can dedicated that time to working on the draft of your commission. Sometimes these dates might slip but generally speaking I will complete the draft of the manuscript on this day or days. At the point of the invoice being processed I will give you the actual date when this happens. Proof reading and final editing will be done shortly thereafter.

Q: When do I actually pay you?

A: Once agreed upon I will send an invoice immediately. You can pay it then or wait until the manuscript draft has begun. However, if unpaid I will not continue nor complete a manuscript.

Q: Can you change something for me?

A: Of course I can. I will make any changes, even partial rewrites within reason, for all commissioners.

Q: Your prices are too high! Why is that?

A: Research, outlines, world building, character development, drafting, editing and any additional work required to create the best final product. My prices are actually fairly cheap compared to work of similar quality.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: I am a strong believer in customer satisfaction. If you are truly unhappy I will provide a refund. However, I use the British Supply of Goods and Services Act as my guideline, although it was not really made for creative services. I will not refund you after work has been done unless you can prove that what was delivered is not objectively what was paid for.